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Side by Side

'Side by Side' is an orchestral music score composed for the award winning short film 'Cercanos y Extraños' ('Familiar but Strangers')

A film written and directed by Alber Ponte, filmed in 2020 in Galicia - Spain. 'Side by Side' is arranged for string orchestra, French horns and a solo Spanish guitar.

The music score encapsulates the momentary calm that arises after the initial agitated encounter between the two protagonists of the film. And finally, respecting the emotion and intimacy of the moment, and underlining the fact that the two characters have finally accepted each other, the music piece begins with the solitary sound of a nylon-strung guitar.

The guitar’s delicate notes are integrated into the images as if part of the dialogue. Then, as the camera rises skyward, cello, French horn and other instruments join the Spanish guitar to create a moving crescendo. The result is an impressive final piece to capture the heart and transmit an endearing message of brotherhood and tolerance.

Initially the theme for the finale, was written with a piano in mind. Though the film Director Alber Ponte loved it, once he and the music composer Jorge De Lellis heard the piece in the initial cut of the film, they decided that a Spanish guitar would lend a more profound humanity to the piece.

'Cercanos y Extraños' ('Familiar but Strangers') won the second prize at the VIII Short-Film Competition “Navarra Tierra de Cine” in Navarra-Spain, November 2020.

Watch the movie in Spanish with English subtitles

YouTube or click here.

Read a case-study blog article featuring an interview of the film director Alber Ponte

Click here.

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Rabcat is one of Europe´s leading digital entertainment production houses, providing high-end art and animation production for the international video game industry, and premium applications for the online gambling industry.

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The Santander Group is a major global banking organization, serving over 102 million customers across Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

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Part of Grupo SM and with close links to one of the most respected universities in the USA, University of Dayton Publishing specializes in providing high-quality English language teaching and learning materials.

MADLORD has provided University of Dayton Publishing with the following services:

  • Voice Overs
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Vodafone is one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, owning and operating mobile networks in 26 countries and providing telecommunications and IT services to corporate clients in 150 countries.

MADLORD has provided Vodafone with the following services:

  • Music Composition
  • Voice Overs
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