A very special and unique 2020 Christmas video card for a unique year

The year 2020 has been unique and extraordinary. It is for this reason that we were inspired and compelled to create a special video Xmas card that conveyed the most valuable and precious lessons learned. For life has reminded us this year of those special souls that make all the difference to our lives.

1 years ago

Watch the MADLORD 2020 Xmas video card

It is a MADLORD tradition,
To make a wish for our friends,
That their year may be ‘far beyond the ordinary’.

In 2020, this came true,
In unimaginable ways,
Beyond our comprehension.

A blessing in disguise?
Life gives, Life takes away;
Always by surprise.

For an entire year,
We’ve kept families and loved ones in our hearts;
Closer than ever before.

Distanced friendships were reunited,
Relationships nourished,
New friendships born.

We have realized who truly cares for us,
Who remembers us,
Who keeps us in their hearts and minds.

But we have also realized who we care for,
How much we love them,
And how incredibly important they are to us.

For life has reminded us this year
Of those special souls
That make all the difference to our lives.

If you are receiving this card,
It is because we are thinking of YOU,
And want to send to you something special...

The magic of Christmas

It lies beyond the visible,
Connecting us in mysterious ways,
Transcending time and distance.

It inspires a sense of togetherness,
An ancient sense of bonding,
A heightened sense of humanity.

Words can never capture it.
Presents can never replace it.
However, we hope that its essence is felt,

As we wish you…

Merry Christmas!

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