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Nmor Forest

In a magic, mystical forest, calm and serene, the magical trees and flowers slowly lure a gnome into a deep sleep. An entrancing performance by a woodwind quintet, accompanied by a majestic harp and gentle celesta seduce the listener into the magical gnome forest.

A breeze carries the flute’s playful, enchanting melodies, a lyrical oboe responds, beautifully and soothingly, while clarinets evoke mystical harmonies from a strange world. Supported by the hypnotic spell of harp arpeggios and the tender pulse of fantasy percussion, this dreamy, evocative and profound score weaves a spell of beauty, magic, peace and mystery that casts you into the mystical world of gnomes.

Gnome Wood
celeste, clarinet, enchanting, flute, glockenspiel, harp, mystical, oboe, seductive