Music —

Into the Dragon’s Cave

Deep beneath an active volcano, lies the dragon’s cave. You pause a moment to strengthen your resolve. You look into the darkness, drawing your sword. Your heart quickens. You venture within. Dark and menacing, the orchestral score fires the adrenaline. The symphonic female choir intensifies what lies ahead and the heavy-metal drums pound a brutal beat that bolsters your every step. Crude, yet bold, the atonal brass melody evokes the colossal, demonic dragon that awaits, as a subtle layer of synth creates a dense sound texture that hints at the raw aggression about to be unleashed. There’s no turning back. Now you fight. Or you die.

Dragon’s Myth
aggressive, colossal, dark, dragon, grandiose, heavy metal drum kit, menacing, monster, orchestral, symphonic female choir, synth, texture, thick