Music —

Forbidden Ecstasy

A middle-eastern rhythmic theme seduces you. In the distance, an alluring female voice. The chant of sensual lyrics. The awakening of forbidden desires. A full orchestral arrangement, mixed with eastern strings and duduk, performs a seductive theme that takes you, without resistance, to a state of ecstasy. Slowly increasing your pleasure. Your desire. Until you finally succumb to a forbidden Ecstasy.
Your passion explodes. You lose control. Waves of pleasure scream with eastern gongs. The symphony reaches the climax. And you become one with your soul.
A sensual and delicate duduk transcends you to a peaceful end. And Morpheus takes hold.

chant, climax, desire, dessert, duduk, ecstasy, female voice, forbidden, hammered dulcimer, medium tempo, memorable, middle east, orchestra, percussion, santoor, seductive, sensual, transport
Adventure, Fantasy