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Timeless mystical melodies resonate across the ocean. A mystic choir chants. The mysterious depths of the sea pull you irresistibly. And you succumb. You descend deeper and deeper into the dark and vast depths of the ocean. Without resistance. Flutes and clarinets playfully distract you, just for a moment, as charming, tiny creatures pass by. A great discovery is about to be placed. Before your very eyes.
An intense emotional build-up quickly rises as the orchestral brass and woodwind evoke, in all its grandeur, the ritual of the event.
A climatic peak takes you by surprise. Your heart stops. Your body shivers. The breathtaking emotional resonance of the discovery of a new strange world is performed dramatically by an operatic classical mezzo soprano. And powerful orchestral brass.
A majestic, transporting and memorable music score.

Lucky Dolphin
brass, breathtaking, clarinet, disney, dramatic, dreamy, female choir, flute, harp, intense, mezzo soprano, mysterious, ocean, sea, woodwind
Adventure, Fantasy